Posted on: March 10, 2009 12:39 am

Steroids Baseball and Sports

Steroids Baseball and sports


With the news of yet another high profile great player testing positive hitting the news, many seemed to be a little shocked and very disappointed. This may have to do with the fact that we wanted a clean homerun king to step up and erase over a decade of juiced up freaks. I have to say I am not shocked or disappointed. I have no love for Alex but he is just one of many. More than even the 104 mentioned. There were 104 players caught at that time. Who knows who was cycled off, tipped off or doing something undetected?  The whole undetection issue, pertaining to HGH and other untraceable enhancers on the market, is the real issue as far as sports as a whole. The steroid producers and takers are always steps ahead of the curve and players in all sports have taken and continue to take PEs. It is very naive to think that there is any real shot at cleaning up sports any time soon. The fact is we live in a very advanced society and those advances are where the money is. I think there is some money in professional sports so all things that pertain to them advance at rapid rates, including the use of supplements legal and illegal. This all being said Baseball and the mainly the almighty players union are the ones at fault. The union fought all testing and never would give in on NFL standard testing. If they would have had this anonymous testing done and realized the problem, addressing it in the proper manner, they would have avoided all these years of embarrassment. There would have needed to be the admission of serious problem and the initiation of much stricter testing coincided with destruction of all names on any lists made before these substances were banned. This would allow baseball to exist in the state  the NFL in is, where you know there is use but you also know they are doing all they can to police it and have high standards of testing policies. The numbers issue is a non issue. The numbers are all inflated, and we all know it, maybe a few like Griffey Jr, Manny and a few others are legit superstar sluggers, but many from that era and even this one will have a cloud of serious doubt. This is the world we live in and not much is clean. Not business, politics, sports and not many people’s lives…

That’s reality.



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